FRS provides a comprehensive menu of water treatment and management service for the Conventional and Unconventional oil and gas industry across the Marcellus and Utica shales. Our services include:

  • Source water
  • Treat and reuse (produced water)
  • Treat and discharge
  • Frac and flowback water treatment
  • Treatment on-site at well-pad or FRS satellite locations
  • Store for treat and reuse
  • Disposal (non-return)
  • Dispose to producer
  • Impoundment services
  • Transportation (rail and truck) and water logistics


FRS’ water treatment solutions include Aquatech’s MoSuite™ technology, a synergistic combination of MoTreat®, MoVap® and crystallization technologies. MoSuite™ will treat drill fluids, hydraulic fracturing flowback and a wide range of oil & gas wastewaters including safe disposal of high total dissolved solids (TDS) production brine.

For Service Inquiries, Contact:
Michael Nawrath